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Introduction to Unit Testing in Java with J-Unit 4

Everything you need to learn to get up an running writing unit tests, including tools, strategies, and techniques.

Unit testing is not a new idea, but it has become much more popular in the days of Agile and continuous, iterative development. Unit tests ensure that quality code is written, and gives the developer and the team the peace of mind to know that changes to the system can be made with confidence. This short module is designed to be like a one - day training session, where the user can come in only knowing how to program in java and leave knowing how to create unit tests against their java code.


D. Lazov
Excellent introduction into unit testing. Brian explains the contents very well, he uses a ton of examples and encourages you to write the code yourself but provides you with both start and finished packages so you can work with the course and if you get stuck. I highly recommend this course for anyone needing a good intro into java junit testing.
C. Li
Just remember this course is part of the Brian's Java Course.

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