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Web Projects

The Bollingberg Chiropractic website was developed using MVC and uses a MySQL database backend. The solution also included a portal for authenticated administration of the content on the website, where doctors and office staff can easily make changes as needed.
This website uses Google authentication and links to Google Photos (formerly known as Picasa). To increase efficiency, a special library was written to integrate with Google for authentication and photo operations. The system helps daylily gardeners manage their plants, including tracking the plant information, bloom information and details, as well as gives the ability to load multiple photos for each bloom. Users can also easily print details and download their data to an Excel spreadsheet. The system is a freemium application, allowing for use without paying in a limited capacity, and gives an option for upgrade. The technology used is asp.net webforms with a Microsoft SQL Server backend database.
This website is created in PHP and uses a MySQL backend for content. The site also has the ability to play some of the recordings from the group concerts.


Git is one of the top Source Control Management (SCM) systems in the world today. With GitHub and BitBucket, it is extremely easy and beneficial for developers to leverage Git to manage version control of your source code or other files. This course will use practical examples from real-world scenarios to introduce and examine some of the most critical commands in Git.By the end of the course, your fear of losing code or wrecking the repo will be gone, and you'll be the envy of your team when it comes to performing Git surgery.
This course is a five-day challenge, intended to get your feet wet with 'GIT'. Git is one of the top Source Control Management(SCM) systems in the world today.With GitHub and BitBucket, it is extremely easy and beneficial for developers to leverage Git to manage version control of your source code. However, GIT is NOT just for developers.In fact, it is for EVERYONE.If you do any work with files that would benefit from version control, GIT is the safe and secure answer for you.Learning GIT allows you to never again worry about a hard - drive crashing, which version of your file is in what folder, and / or how you can reset your documents for reuse over and over again.
This course is a very quick workshop to take you through the basic actions that will be required for you to create an awesome CRUD web application in about 48 hours using ASP.Net MVC, javascript, the Entity Framework (code-first development approach), and the built-in scaffolding capabilities of ASP.Net MVC.
This course provides instruction through video lectures and materials which will teach the student how to program in Java from the very basic level to an intermediate level of programming. The intent is to aid anyone who is struggling in learning how to program and would like to see practical examples and demonstrations.
Bootstrap is quickly becoming one of the most widely-used and easily recognizable responsive frameworks for web and device development. The system is elegant and provides an easy way to rapidly build a solid business presence online without having to worry about managing different applications for each device. In this course, we’ll examine the tools, components, tips, and tricks that will quickly introduce Bootstrap to you, and will effectively guide you all the way through advanced development. By the time you complete the course, you will be familiar with all of the essential tools and components you’ll need to start building your own robust Bootstrap templates, and as a result, be able to create one template to use for user interface presentation layers for the web, tablets, and phones!
This course is an overview of the HTML web programming standard. The course is intended for those who have never done anything with HTML or web pages and would like to build this basic knowledge for starting a career as a web developer or for learning how to program HTML for web pages. By no means will you be a world class UI developer at the end of this course, but you will have the basic understanding of building pages with HTML and HTML5, and at the end of the course you'll gain knowledge about where to go next to further your front-end web development skills
Unit testing is not a new idea, but it has become much more popular in the days of Agile and continuous, iterative development. Unit tests ensure that quality code is written, and gives the developer and the team the peace of mind to know that changes to the system can be made with confidence. This short module is designed to be like a one - day training session, where the user can come in only knowing how to program in java and leave knowing how to create unit tests against their java code.

Third-Party Courses

If you have a basic understanding of Java but feel ready to start digging deeper, this is the course for you. It's the perfect followup to our Java 8 beginners tutorial, but also suitable for those who've worked through other introductions, as well.
This Java EE 7 training course from Infinite Skills teaches you the concepts, tools, and functions you will need to know in order to build websites using Oracle’s popular Java Enterprise Edition programming language.
This Eclipse Java IDE training course from Infinite Skills teaches you how to develop applications in this integrated development environment. This course assumes you have some knowledge of Java.
An introduction to programming.